Sunday, 1 September 2013

365 Days of Quilting ~ Days 17 & 18 - Ricky Tims' Piped Binding

Auditioning Piping and Binding Fabrics 

Recently, I spent a day with Ricky Tims. I was actually with hundreds of others, but boy Ricky sure knew how to make it seems it was "all about me". Though I have done piping a bazillion times over the years for everything from clothing to curtains by machine, any time I did piping for quilting there was usually handwork involved. I have never really been happy with my machine results for my quilts.

 Yesterday, I spent time watching his video (again) and a few others' techniques just to compare and have decided to try Ricky's method on my granddaughter's I Spy quilt.

Today I auditioned several fabrics for the piping and binding. Wouldn't you know it, I had to go buy the perfect fabric! Her quilt is sashed in pinks and purples.

I have decided to go with a pink patterned binding and deep purple striped piping.

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  1. Nice tutorial! Thanks for posting so many beautiful photos.