Friday, 22 February 2013

CHICKEN SCRATCH Scrappy Baby Quilt

CHICKEN SCRATCH Scrappy Baby Quilt

This is a quilt that made for my grandson.  Several years ago I was into making these little chicken doorstops.  They were made of crazy quilting squares and filled with rice.  I'll have to find a picture of one of the chickens.

Well, going through my scrap box I found a ton of these crazy squares I'd made and decided to put them together in a quilt.  As a crib quilt I wanted it to be soft so for the first time I used a modern micro-fiber fabric for the backing.  It turned out really nice and is one of my favourite quilts.

I did my typical crazy doodling quilting.  The name for the quilt came to as I was doing the machine quilting.   The navy fabric is flannel and the crazy squares are cotton.

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