Friday, 22 February 2013

WIP - Orange and Pink Reversible Quilt

I have always had several projects on the for a million different reasons and it's no different today.  I still have lots on the go.  What I find fascinating are the all the different reasons that I stop one project to start another and another.  Be it boredom, disappointment, weather, change of circumstance, etc. the journey to get finished is a story in itself.

This past summer I made myself a promise that I was not only going to work through my stash of fabric, but that I was also going to work through my stashed unfinished projects while at the same time documenting the journey of the quilt through the life of the quilter as they are intertwined.

So without further ado...


I started working on this quilt the summer when my youngest daughter was in her last year of high school....three years ago.  It was supposed to be first her September birthday gift, then that year's Christmas gift, then her graduation gift and so on and so on.....   

I am determined to get this done for next Christmas.

The Front

The Back
Leaf Appliques

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